5 of the Weirdest YouTubes About Tomatoes

If you thought YouTubes about tomatoes begin and end with gardening and recipes – you’re dead wrong. If you search deeper, you’ll find an entire world of bizarre tomatoes – from a tomato that grows grass from inside with the help of a rhyming Indian song to a tomato being thrown at President Trump during a speech.

Some Say: If it’s Bizarre Enough, it’s YouTube

It’s the second-most watched site on the internet (according to a internet site grading system conducted in 2015), and you can find a wide variety of content on this channel from around the world on every possible topic. It shouldn’t be too surprising then that there are more than a few crazy videos about a topic that isn’t too crazy at all: Tomatoes. We dug a bit deeper and gathered a selection of the strangest videos about tomatoes.

Sometimes Nature is a Bit Freaky

This video of an Indian woman, albeit a bit panic-stricken, presents two tomatoes she bought at a store. She’s had the tomatoes for a few weeks; but instead of them becoming rotten, which should usually occur, they have sprouted grass! The woman describes the situation as “pretty worrisome.” See the video below.

Sometimes Nature is a Bit Freaky 2

One nice boy uploaded the following video from 2010 simply to share with the world that at the time of his visit to the Farmer’s Market, he found a very special tomato – with a tail! It’s worthwhile watching this video just to see this boy’s face shining when he announces that he will freeze the tomato in order to prevent it from being canned.

See the video below.

I Don’t Love Something So I Will Sing a Song About It

Tomato hater? You’re not alone. Meet “The Tomato Song,” a song published on YouTube in 2009 and received an honorable number of views (more than a million). The speaker in this song tells us that he really doesn’t like tomatoes. Why? That I won’t reveal to you – you’ll have to listen to it yourselves. Caution: You won’t be able to stop singing!

See the video below.

The Indians Teach Their Children Correctly

If you were afraid that the tomato haters’ song would succeed, then it will be easy for you to understand that the following video, which sings praises to the tomato, was viewed more than 26 million times!

This rhyming Indian song teaches boys and girls to eat tomatoes for all of the right reasons, and the animated clip will enrich tomato experience even more!

See the video below.

Who Dares to Throw a Tomato at the President of the USA?

In the video below there are hardly any views, despite the historic viral potential (or as the star of this video would put it: “fake news”). The video documents President Trump speaking. During his speech, the camera focuses momentarily on a stain to the right of the podium. The red stain is – a tomato! Apparently, someone tried to throw a tomato at him, but they missed and the tomato was left on the podium, while Trump paid no attention.

See the video below.


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